Making a difference in people’s quality of life and energy performance in buildings through safety, thermal comfort, and air quality equipment.

In February 2022, Aerolik, formerly known as Aldes Mauritius and Réunion, became a subsidiary of Novengi, under the Harel Mallac Group. Backed by the exceptional expertise from Novengi, Aerolik strengthens its position as a key player in its field, by providing high-end equipment and services to both businesses and individuals.

Our Equipment & Products

Located in Mauritius and Réunion Islands, Aerolik is established on both islands for many decades, offering high-quality equipment to enhance buildings’ safety, energy consumption, quality of air and thermal comfort:


  • York HVAC Solutions
  • Fire protection solutions
  • Centralised mechanical extraction and ventilation (CMEV) systems
  • Hunter Ceiling Fans
  • Acoustic ventilation systems
  • Supports components

Our Expertise

Thanks to our local teams and agencies, we provide exceptional equipment backed by high-end after-sales and maintenance services.

Our modern workshop features machines that manufacture a large range of ducts, accessories, and support components, as well as stainless steel equipment.

With more than 400 in-store references, we access to any customer’s requests and assist in the design of your project.

Contact Us

Contact us for your enquiries, request for tailor-made quotes or any assistance with your existing equipment.

Our agencies in
Mauritius and Reunion

Tel: +230 286 7762
Montebello, Les Pailles

Sainte Clotilde Agency
Tel : (+262) 0262 97 96 81
15 Rue du Maine
97490 Sainte Clotilde

Saint Paul agency at ZAC Cambaie
Tel: (+262) 0262 92 46 80
17 avenue du Grand Piton
97460 Saint Paul